A.O. Reed working on construction of the $175-plus million Altman Clinical and Translational Research Institute (ACTRI)

SD14- 267The University of California, San Diego Healthcare System, and the UA’s Contractors Have Forged Strong Partnerships

The University of California, San Diego (UCSD) Health Sciences, and the UA’s contractors have always had a strong partnership. Work on the UCSD campus has been ongoing and has provided long-term employment for many of Local 230’s members. Most recently, Local 230 plumbers and pipefitters are working for A.O. Reed on the construction of the $175-plus million Altman Clinical and Translational Research Institute (ACTRI), and right across the street, Local 230 piping professionals are hard at work with the construction of Jacobs Medical Center, working for University Mechanical. Local 669 UA Sprinklerfitters are also on the job at both sites, working for Bradshaw Engineering, installing the lifesaving fire suppression systems.

The ACTRI is collaboration between UCSD  Health Sciences, UCSD campus partners and the local scientific community, and will be home to the collaborative effort of medical researchers and clinical practitioners working at better understanding and testing of new medications and clinical delivery systems related to a variety of illnesses and chronic conditions. The new facility will be seven stories high, with three floors constructed below street level. It is 359,000 square feet, which includes 189,000 square feet of space allocated for research and core laboratories, and a 66,000-square-foot area designated for dry research. Conference rooms and a large lecture hall, ACTRI offices, a vivarium, auditorium, and café are also planned. Designed as a pentagonal structure, there is a terrace at street level, a courtyard on lower-level three, and another terrace planned for the exterior of the auditorium at level one. The project is being built with a LEED® Gold certification in mind and is slated to be complete in 2016.

Sixty-five plumbers and pipefitters have been on the job at ACTRI. The plumbing is extensive throughout the facility, and Local 230 plumbers are installing 511 plumbing fixtures for lab waste, animal drinking water, fuel gas, an RO/DI water system, lab water, liquid nitrogen, medical-gas systems, and vacuum and compressed air apparatus. Pipefitting on the job has included the installation of 1,128 chilled beams, 450 re-heat coils, 56 fan coils, eight steam boilers, thirteen air handlers, four heating hot-water boilers, 10 pumps, six heat exchangers, and a TES tank that will store 1.4 million gallons of chilled water. The Local 230 piping professionals at ACTRI are also responsible for installing all of the process chilled water, chilled water, heating hot water, steam, and steam condensate piping.

Jacobs Medical Center is a stunning 10-story, 509,500-square-foot hospital that is being designed as three hospitals in one—a hospital for cancer care, women and infant care, and for advanced surgeries. The design is aspiring for a LEED® Silver certification. Working for University Mechanical, the piping professionals from Local 230 are also completing all of the plumbing and pipefitting in the hospital, as well as constructing the Central Utility Plant (CUP). Once the build-out is complete there will be 245 beds, which will include 36 designated Intensive Care Unit (ICU) beds and 14 operating rooms.
This hospital has been designed with patient care in mind and has individual rooms to aid in the healing of its patients. The innovative design, which is a garden-inspired theme will allow maximum light into the structure to create a more healing environment and has incorporated a soothing color scheme to compliment the state-of-the-art equipment and systems being put in place. The helicopter-landing pad [helistop] will have direct access to all the floors. Streamlining equipment to create a more efficient workstation for hospital personnel has been an intricate part of Jacobs Medical Center’s design. Construction is scheduled to be complete in December of 2015, and the hospital is planning to open for patient care in the summer of 2016.

The Central Utility Plant or CUP is striving for LEED® Silver certification as well and is being built to service the existing hospital campus, with the capability to service a 1,000,000-square-foot expansion in the future. The UA is slotted to install all of the pertinent plumbing and equipment in the CUP. Three thousand square feet of underground plumbing is being installed in a plumbing tunnel under Medical Center Drive. Some of the features of the CUP include: (3) 1,300-ton chillers capable of chilling enough water to fill 10 Olympic-size swimming pools every day, (3) 3,900 gpm cooling towers, (3) 21,000lb/hr. steam boilers that will generate enough steam to heat 1,000 average-sized homes on a daily basis, (4) 2.5 MW emergency generators that will be able to generate enough electricity to power 10,000 average-sized homes, and (2) 30,000-gallon underground fuel tanks.
Healthcare facilities have always been a stronghold for the UA, and many members of Local 230 have been blessed with consistent hospital work throughout their careers.