A.O. Reed’s Michele Ignacio wins BOMA San Diego 2014 “Associate of the Year”!

Ever since becoming a member of BOMA San Diego in 2011, Michele has jumped in with determination and commitment to all facets of this organization.  She has been recognized every year for her contributions and this year is no different.  She was nominated in more than one category this year and recognized by many members as that individual who really makes a difference. Michele serves on numerous committees and helps BOMA on a global scale by her deep level of participation including serving on the Board of Directors this year.  She has shown great leadership as the liaison to both the Community Service and Communications committees.  She just doesn’t provide guidance as the liaison, but also sets a great example by participating in all committee events.  Those who have worked with Michele have said:

“Michele has become a BOMA force to be noticed.  She has a great attitude and doesn’t mind taking on leadership roles within committees and doing the work with quality and efficiency!”

“Michele personally brought in over 100 backpack donations for our “Back to School” backpack drive making it one of the largest donations ever received for this event.”

“She is always the first to volunteer and as a liaison she helps fellow BOMA members chair successful events.  She is always willing to lend a hand and get involved; she follows through with her promises and is extremely committed to BOMA San Diego.  She is my hero!”

Michele was also elected to the Board of BOMA San Diego in 2014.

Congratulations Michele on winning the BOMA San Diego 2014 Associate of the Year Award!