Lean Construction

Quality Fabrication by Quality Mechanical Contractors

We look for opportunities to use quality fabrication whenever practical so we can decrease lead and installation times, increase productivity to meet tighter schedules, eliminate the need to store items until they’re required, and introduce optimal workflow in the field. Our shops are huge—much bigger than our competitors’—and they can handle sheet metal, piping and plumbing fabrication.

We encourage our field leaders to abide by the 30/30 Rule, which requires all equipment, materials, tools and manpower necessary to complete a task be within 30 seconds or 30 feet of the installation site—minimizing the space required to complete tasks and the level of movement around the site. We also practice short interval planning with field leaders to ensure work flows in an orderly manner.

We’re always looking for ways to eliminate waste, and the acronym DOWNTIME helps us remember the eight wastes common in manufacturing processes:

  • Defects/rework – not doing it right the first time
  • Overproduction – making/purchasing too much, or producing too early
  • Waiting – not being able to perform a task when ready
  • Not using employee innovation – keeping processes the same despite new ideas
  • Transportation – moving materials more than necessary
  • Inventory – having too much of an item
  • Motion – walking around or moving more than necessary to complete a task
  • Extra processing – doing paperwork for the sake of doing paperwork

A.O. Reed also uses a Lean process for design that has two goals: maximizing value and minimizing waste. These goals motivate everything we do: our client focus, love of collaborating with project stakeholders, careful scheduling of work and material flow, desire to continually improve, and support of our empowered team of experts.