BIM Contractor Providing Quality Fabrication

A number of things set us apart from other BIM contractors, including:

We are one of the few direct download-to-fabrication companies in Southern California

This means we have complete control over quality fabrication from the coordinated BIM to the field for installation. All work is fabricated in-house for plumbing, mechanical piping and sheet metal.

We have the greatest bandwidth

We have one of the largest BIM Departments in Southern California as well as in-house Trimble Total stations. Our experienced team is able to transfer points out of the coordinated BIMs, direct to the field for precision installation.

We are smart-technology capable

Every project has the availability of iPads, tablets and smartphones, allowing access to BIMs for instant verification of field systems during installations. This also allows management to get an accurate view of system installs, and our team to stay current with all project documents.

We apply value engineering to all projects

From concept, we streamline mechanical systems, providing cost-saving alternatives to routing and configurations that can actually be seen during the BIM process. During installation, customers achieve savings through on-time deliveries and beating scheduled completion dates—and they also benefit from long-term energy savings.

What is BIM?

BIM is a fully integrated project delivery method that is used to ensure systems will fit in the space allowed and detect potential system collisions. It incorporates:

  • 3-D modeling of projects
  • Electronically sharing construction documents
  • Including the construction schedule and cash flow projections in the overall project plan

BIM is also an effective maintenance tool that contains equipment data and as-built location information.